The Prancing Elites: Meet Alabama's All Male Cheerleading Team (PHOTOS)

What comes instantly to your minds when someone says ‘cheerleaders’?

What comes instantly to your minds when someone says ‘cheerleaders’?

Male Cheerleading Team

Or may be this:

Male Cheerleading Team

But what if we tell you that Alabama has now an all-male, all new cheerleading team which is fierce, awesome and no less than any other hot female cheerleading team?

Meet the all male cheerleading squad, the Prancing Elites:

Male Cheerleading Team

The Prancing Elites of Mobile are burning up the Internet with their awesome dance moves and matching outfits:

Male Cheerleading Team

Male Cheerleading Team

These guys have been praised a lot, but there are haters as well!

"We shall remain humble and continue to press forward in our future endeavors," they posted on their Facebook page.

They also wrote:

"We appreciate the haters as well... because you all keep us motivated to be better.’

The team also emphasizes it takes hard work to be THIS fabulous!

"We have a passion for the art of DANCE, so no matter how we perform it… it’s our EXPRESSION OF ART."

Here’s a video the Prancing Elites dancing:

Dance on, boys. You guys are awesome.

What do you think of the amazing all male cheerleading squad? Let us know.

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