Clueless Woman Put Bare Feet On Neighbors Armrest For An Entire Flight

There are certain things you just don't do on planes but this isn't even on that list because nobody thought anyone would ever dare to do something so selfish.

Flying is one of the most interesting and powerful recipes for a  sociological experiment that exists in the modern world.

Step one: pack 200 tired, hungry, strangers into a metal tube. Step two: add in their collective fear of death and heights by launching that metal tube thousands of feet into the air. Step three: leave that tube in the air for between one and 14 hours. Bonus step: throw a few crying babies into the mix for best results.

Despite the ludicrous nature of commercial flights, there are generally no incidents. This is thanks to the social contract that binds us all together and has allowed humans to co-exist for generations.

That contract was torn to shreds on Thursday by one woman’s feet on a Beijing to Xi’an flight.

A Chinese woman, identified only as Ms. Wu, posted the following picture from her flight onto the Chinese blog known as Sina Weibo.

woman feet

That picture reveals what just might be the most horribly offensive moment in all of human history. The unidentified woman behind Ms. Wu has placed her bare feet onto the armrest in front of her.

Such a brazen act of selfish armrest hogging has never before been recorded. Sure some of us have had to deal with a plus-sized passenger or a person who does not understand that the middle seat gets both armrests as a concession for their lowly position. But this just takes things to a much higher, and much more infuriating level.

woman feet

Commenters on Ms. Wu’s pictures asked her the obvious question of why she remained silent throughout the entire flight.

“We were only two and I was afraid my comments would cause an argument,” was Ms. Wu’s reply.

At the end of the day, Ms. Wu shouldn’t have to say anything. It should be clear to an adult human being that it is not okay to place bare feet in the face of another adult human being.

The FBI is currently offering a $1 million reward for any information leading to the arrest or capture of this heinous airline criminal.

Well, not really, but they should. 

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Banner Image: Ms. Wu via Sina Weibo

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