Watch: The Real Story Behind ‘The Door To Hell’ In Turkmenistan

We tell people to go to hell frequently. What if I tell you that you can actually also guide them through a gate that leads to Satan’s abode?

It might sound like a Sci-Fi movie but ‘The Door To Hell‘is a real place in Turkmenistan.

Now the question is, why do we call it the door to hell? That is what Hank Green of SciShow is explaining in the video above.

He starts the story from 1970′s, when Soviet scientists found a huge depot of natural gas but while retrieving the gas, the ground collapsed. They thought it was better to set the dangerous gas on fire than let it vent into the environment, assuming that it would burn up in a few week.

Well, 42 years later, it is still burning!

Check out the video above.

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