#InternationalMensDay Turns Twitter Into A Brutal Sexist Battlefield

A day that will live in internet infamy. Too many people posting too many stupid things.

On Thursday, the Twitter hashtag #internationalmensday was trending at the very top of the website's aggregator.

The campaign was kicked off by The University of York in Heslington, England as a part of their gender studies initiatives.

The campaign was meant to be an open discussion concerning the issues that are unique to men on an international level. 

What resulted instead was a digital bloodbath that left the entire Twitter-sphere disgruntled. 

Here are the details: 

The Good: Awareness 

#Internationalmensday had a few very real issues that it was trying to bring a new level of awareness to. Chief among these was the male suicide rate. 

If the hashtag was #malesuicide than Thursday may have been a day marked by open conversation and widening perspectives.

However, because the chosen moniker for the movement was #internationalmensday the reaction was far more toxic. 

The Bad: Flame War

The title of the hashtag made this campaign out to be some sort of male privilege victory lap and some men fully embraced the opportunity for sexism. 

This outpouring of intolerance prompted feminist Twitter users to strike back in kind. 

Once the feminists had lobbed their first volley the men decided to fire back, turning what could have been a powerful campaign into a full-fledged internet flame war. 

Conclusion: A Series On Unfortunate Events 

At the end of the day, York University could have launched a strong initiative for male suicide awareness, but due to an unfortunately chosen title their campaign did more to empower sexist men than support those who are suffering. 

The entire tone of the day is best summed up in one final tweet. 

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