#TheDress Is Back With An Unnerving Message About Domestic Abuse

The Salvation Army has released a PSA about domestic violence, using the viral image of #TheDress.

The dress that caught a firestorm of attention is now back, but with a completely different message. The Salvation Army has released a PSA calling attention to domestic violence, and how turning a blind eye can make the situation worse.

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They also followed up with this ad about women staying in those situations while trying to hide the scars.


I think it’s great that so much attention is being brought to such an important issue. Domestic violence is one of those topics that needs coverage and conversation for anything to change. The Salvation Army did a great job by turning this ad around so quickly to capitalize on the trending story. Many felt like the ridiculous amount of attention the dress got seemed frivolous, so for those people, this seems like a great way to reframe a topic into a discussion about a serious issue.



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There was a part of me that did cringe when I first saw it. There was an extent to which it seemed like a low-blow, turning a light topic into a punch in the gut for mere shock reaction. While the reaction towards the ad seems to be overwhelmingly positive, there were some that thought the ad went too far.

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While there are problems and valid critiques about the ad, at the end of the day, it’s great that such an important topic is being talked about. With the recent domestic violence news in the NFL and even the horrific views that a Delhi gang had about women, it’s obvious that women’s rights and domestic violence is a prevalent problem. Campaigns like this shed light and bring attention to this important issue. 

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