These Are The Most Charitable Celebrities In The US

These five stars are showing the world how generous a celebrity can be.

Celebrities in America are often publicized as being vapid and uncaring people. In many cases this is perfectly true, however, there are exceptions to every rule. According to a report published by US Magazine, these five celebs are those exceptions.

Emma Watson

emma watson

This child star turned superstar has become a strong voice for the feminist movement around the world. In addition to her outspoken views on gender equality, Watson is also involved with half a dozen other charities such as Millennium Promise, Shelter Box, and UniFem.

Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus, Charitable Celebrities

The former Disney starlet has caught a lot of flack for her sensational outfits and shocking public antics.

Cyrus may be a firecracker, but she also gives to a whopping 41 different charities and foundations.  Some of these are Amnesty International, To Write Love On Her Arms, and Blessings in A Backpack.


beyonce, Most Charitable Celebs

Queen B is a kind ruler. The music superstar made charitable headlines when she founded The Survivor Foundation with her former Destiny’s Child cohort Kelly Rowland.

The Survivor Foundation helped thousands of families who were suffering after the devastating events of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

In addition to her own foundation, Beyoncé is also involved in over thirty others such as Stand Up To Cancer, The Lunchbox Project, and the Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Laverne Cox

laverne cox, most charitable celebritie

The transgendered star of Orange Is The New Black has been in the spotlight for less time than the others on this list, but she is already having a huge impact.

Her efforts are particularly focused on the LGBTQ community, and she most recently helped the Broadway Bares charity raise over $1.6 million.

Taylor Swift

taylor swift, most charitable celebritie

Swift is, according to US Magazine, the most charitable celebrity in America.  

Some of her credits include: teaming up with the governor of Tennessee to combat Internet sex crimes, performing monumental benefit concerts, and involving herself with over fifty other charities and causes.

Swift’s most recent charitable headline came in July when she donated $50,000 to a single fan of hers who was battling leukemia.

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Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that all five of these charitable celebs are women. It seems that the men in the public eye have some serious catching up to do. 

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