These Are The Ways The United States Is Violating International Law

The evidence exists and these are the dozens of ways that the US is breaking international laws and treaties.

The United States is not a perfect country.

It often tries to act as though it is the benevolent protector of the universe, but in actuality it has a long history of breaking international laws. 

The following video reveals  dozens of different ways that the US has, and is, breaking the rules on a global scale. 



The most distressing part of the above video is the narrator's attempt to explain how the US manages to get away with being so belligerent towards international rules and regulations

The video says, "In spite of international law, the United States has been able to avoid repercussions due to its powerful standing in the global community."

These are not the actions of a global force for good. These are the actions of a bully. 

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