These Birds With Arms Look Absolutely Hilarious (PHOTOS)

Internet loves photoshop. With a little creativity and mix and match, photoshop masterminds have always managed to entertain us with hilarious memes and ‘Birds With Arms’ in one such good example.

It is exactly what it sounds like; images of birds with human arms and that’s it. It might sound simple but the results are hilarious.

This meme has been surfacing on the internet since 2008. Internet users, who are somehow not getting over with it, keep updating Tumblr and other photo blogging sites with multiple new additions to this meme.

Here we have pick the best ones for you to look at and enjoy. Check out.

It’s quarter to five and I am getting late!

So what were you saying Mr.?

You’ve made a serious mistake.

Get your facts straight, idiot!

Love birds.

Are you kidding me?

Yeah! Birds are awesome.

And so is the internet.

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