These Graduation Photos From China Will Tickle You Silly

The Chinese have a way of always surprising us. These graduation photos are no different.

Just when we think the Chinese are a serious and disciplined people who mostly only focus on work, they surprise the world again.

Some extremely talented (and we are betting restless as well) students at the Shandong University decided to get creative with their graduation photographs.

What they ended up with is a bunch of hilarious and cheeky spoofs of popular Chinese and foreign movies, video games and television show posters.

You can’t help being impressed not just by the brilliant idea, but by their editing skills as well.

Here are the best of the lot -- and no, the selection wasn’t any easy task:

Sherlock fans, forgive them, if for nothing else than for their whacky sense of humor:

You will never see super heroes the way you did before:

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These kids sure have a genius of reenacting scenes and shots:

You think that is just a coincidence? Check these out:

Not impressed yet?

We don’t believe you -- but still:

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And for all the nerds and geeks out there:

Blown over? So are we. We wish these smart alecks the very best of luck in their futures, though we hardly think they need it. They seem to have things well in control. 

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