These Honest Slogans Are A Brand’s Worst Nightmare

Here are some brands with slogans that have been re-worded to be more realistic.

Brands promise a lot with their slogans, but they don't always deliver. Customers aren’t fooled -- at least not all of them -- by a flashy slogan and empty promise.

So here’s what happens when we finally let go of a brand's pretense and just admit to the reality.

Check out these 10 brands with more realistic slogans than the companies would ever like to admit: 

Admit it, you were thinking the same thing.

We bet these slogans can prove to be a nightmare for companies that spend millions branding and painstakingly coming up with effective taglines, even if they may be somewhat deceiving.

But, as part of a new online movement, their efforts are being mocked by people telling popular brands what they really think of their products and services.

The idea originated from a blog by U.S. graphic designer Clif Dickens, but the idea has since gone viral.

Every time Dickens would ask for Coca-Cola at a restaurant, the waitress would invariably ask him whether it would be alright to serve him Pepsi instead. Frustrated with the response, he came up with the idea of remaking Pepsi’s slogan as "when there’s no Coke" and that’s when the game began.

“Companies spend millions of dollars to make their products look ideal to consumers. But what if they stripped all of that away and told the truth? That's where Honest Slogans comes into play,” Dickens says.

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