These Kim Davis Prison Memes Are Sheer Comedy

Many thanks to the internet for giving us these hilarious Kim Davis memes highlighting just how hypocritical she really is.

A word of advice for Kim Davis, don't mess with the gays or else Twitter will come for you.  

America's most famous county clerk just can't seem to catch a break. She decided to go against the Supreme Court and deny gay couples marriage licenses and now the internet is teaching her a lesson. 

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Since she was taken into custody yesterday under a federal judge's ruling, memes have been popping up left and right making a mockery of this woman and her "display of martyrdom."

Some of the best depict Davis as a character in the hit Netflix series, Orange Is The New Black. And others call attention to her multiple failed marriages. 

Get ready to chuckle as you check out some of the funnies below. 

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