These Real Life 'Grown-Ups' Build Houses Next To Each Other

These best-friend couples will never let being adults get in the way of playing together all the time.

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Some call it a time-share and some call it a smart financial decision, but these couples call it friendship.

These four couples from Austin, Texas, wanted to have something that could be a perfect getaway, which turned out to be homes on the river with their best friends.

The couples each spent $40,000 on a 350-square foot home with a modern and chic design. Now they can always take vacations together, whenever they want. The houses were featured in a magazine called Small House Bliss, which gave a little more information about the houses.

House, Couple, Llano

The houses are connected to one another, but are separated for each couple so that there is some bit of privacy.

The homes were created by architect Matt Garcia, and have homey little touches that keep the Texan flavor without making them look to elaborate.

After all, the walls are made out of plywood, and although the homes are simple, they are surrounded by absolutely beautiful scenery.

Llano, House, Couple

The couples call is the 'Llano Exit Strategy', as they are not quite retired, but not quite youngsters, either.

It's stories like this that teach us the importance of the little things in life-friends, love, companionship, the Earth, and having a roof above your head.

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