A Brazilian Soccer Team Figured Out A Way To Make Their Fans Immortal. Seriously.

A Brazilian soccer club urges its fans to register for organ donation - with stellar results.

A lot of people want to be listed as organ donors, but far fewer actually tend to register or get donor cards. Meanwhile, those waiting for new corneas, hearts and other vital tissues go begging.

A soccer team in Brazil, Sport Club Recife, decided to harness the energy of its famously passionate fan base and address the problem. The club spearheaded an effort to encourage fans to register as donors, either through Facebook or obtaining a card issued by the team itself. A video promoting the campaign is shown before all the team's home matches.

How successful has it been? As of this year, 66,000 new donors have signed on. The number of heart transplants in the region have roughly quadrupled. The effort has been so successful, in fact, that other soccer organizations are seeking to emulate Recife.

Enjoy the video above, and maybe consider joining the ranks of prospective "Immortals" too.

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