These Tweets Perfectly Expose GOP's "Thoughts and Prayers" Hypocrisy

Twitter uses its 140 characters to make some sharp points.

The devastating mass shooting that just occurred in a center for developmental disabilities in San Bernardino, California follows a slew of 351 mass shootings just this year—as such shootings have become a daily occurrence, the public has become numb to the violence.

There is only one actual, active solution to the problem: increased gun safety laws and gun control. Obama has spoken about it in almost every statement he has made following a mass shooting. Democrats largely responded to today’s tragedy with emphasis on the fact that we cannot stand idly by and let this continue. We must enact gun safety regulations.

The Republicans had a different response—the usual clichés of “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and “this isn't a gun issue, this is a mental health issue” were trotted out by many Republicans on Twitter. Almost all the GOP candidates sent their prayers to the victims’ families, but provided no thoughts as to how the country can prevent such shootings.

Thankfully, they were combated with a myriad of incisive, astute tweets that perfectly hit the nail on the head, emphasizing that these constant "prayers" are useless; we real, concrete action taken in federal and state governments to stop these daily massacres. 

The movement to call out these politicians for their ineffectiveness and inaction was led by ThinkProgress writer, Igor Volsky, who painstakingly went through each Republican's record of voting against gun legislation and relationship with the NRA, letting the public know exactly where these politicians stood aside from their "thoughts and prayers."

Even writers of faith, such as New Republic's Elizabeth Bruenig, were vocal about the emptiness of tweeting prayers. 

Other tweets challenged general GOP hypocrisy on gun control, using political cartoons and their 140 characters to make much needed, pointedly cutting comments. 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @HILLARY

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