These Whacky Themed Weddings Will Actually Make You Want To Get Married

Everyone wants to look great on their wedding day and there are some people who take this a step further.

A wedding is an event that doesn’t happen too often in one’s life (unless of course the person is Elizabeth Taylor or Mickey Rooney). Unlike a birthday which can be celebrated differently each year, a wedding party becomes a permanent reminder of you and your loved ones rejoicing.

However it seems that some people do not want a typical white-gown wedding; they prefer something unique even if it means outlandish. 

Here are some of the most bizarre wedding themes ever:

1 - The Video Game Wedding: 

Any idea about what they are trying to be? I didn’t either. Apparently this couple is such a huge fan of Japanese video game, Katamari Damacy that they based their wedding on it.

2 - The Rocky Wedding: 

We all have heard of jungle, beach and hilltop weddings but a wedding on top of rocks? It's a whole new level of bizarre. How about going rock-climbing on your honeymoon instead?

3 - The Yabba Daba Doo Wedding: 

I can understand that the Flintstones would be really close to a couple’s heart, but dressing up as Fred and Wilma at your own wedding? I suppose a party celebrating marriage is all about being happy and surely this couple has a great relationship.

4 - The Ugly Predator Wedding: 

Had they been wearing the mask worn by Predator, it would have been more aesthetically pleasing but no they had to become the monstrous and in the words of Arnold, “** ugly” Predator. No wonder there are no kids in sight, they’d be too scared to even come near the bride.

5 - The Ignorant Nazi Wedding: 
Though a very lovable couple, it seems that the groom doesn’t really know that the arm band he is wearing is banned even in Germany, the birthplace of Nazism. Ignorance isn’t always bliss, especially if it involves a wedding.

6 - The Disney Wedding:

We all have grown up watching Disney princesses getting swept off by their Prince Charming. This couple decided to make it happen.

7 - The Star-Wars Wedding

This Australian couple are die-hard fans of Star Wars and what do you know, it became their wedding theme; they even wore different outfits for their vows and dance. Talk about being obsessed.

8 - The Vols Wedding: 

With tickets as invites, this couple based their wedding on the Tennessee Volunteers football team from University of Tennessee. With such precise wedding arrangements, this couple are crazy sports fans.

9 - The Bloodless Red Wedding: 

Oh yes. This couple actually took the pains of having a Game of Thrones theme wedding -- except there was not a gush of blood or severed heads. With the bride as Khaleesi and groom as Jon Snow, all that can be said is, “You know nothing.” (Except about ridiculous weddings).

10 - The Circus Wedding: 

This is what happens when a couple loves acrobats: They plan a wedding on a circus theme. While the pose may seem cute, it should be noted that the theme is a circus and circuses are freaky.

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