10 Things & People That Look Like Kim Jong Un

Get a load of this Foosball player - it's uncanny how much it looks like Kim Jong Un.

No one can be Kim Jong Un in North Korea. In fact, no one in the country is even allowed to be named after him.

However, that doesn’t mean that people outside the Hermit Kingdom can’t be like him.

While we have already discussed how Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin could be the same person, here’s a list of stuff and other people who look exactly like the North Korean dictator.

This Foosball player
Kim Jong

These marshmallows

Kim Jong

The Pillsbury Doughboy

Kim Jong

This character from Dragon Ball Z

Kim Jong

As well as this one

Kim Jong

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The Guy In This Ad

Kim Jong

This Minion gummy snack

Russell from Pixar/Disney’s Up

Kim Jong

This guy in the yellow T-shirt

As well as this kid

Kim Jong

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