This Adorable Hedgehog Will Brighten Up Your Weekend

Marutaro is the most adorable thing to pop up online in recent times

Never thought a hedgehog could make people feel jealous, but Marutaro, with his cuddlesome cuteness and adorable poses, did just that. 

He is definitely the star hedgehog of the online world. Of Japanese descent, Marutaro is owned by a crafty anonymous owner who skillfully makes a story out of his celeb pet’s every move.

And that’s not all. Marutaro has a major 49.6K Twitter following, 27.9K Vines and a personalized Hedgehog calendar on Tumblr through which he plays dress up and shows off his impersonation talents.

Here’s Marutaro being the little lazy cutie he is:

A stretch in the morning for my hedgehog adventures:

All set to get some food in the old belly:

Am I in shape enough to fit the bottle?

Give it up for The Hedgehog Impersonations Show:

Can I bend it like Beckham?

All hail to my singing talents:

Maybe not a butterfly but a handsome hedgehog in the making:

Laid back and off to the moon:

Sitting there like a boss:

I believe I can fly:

For finding me extremely huggable:


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