This Autistic Girl's Talk With Her Mom Is Eye-Opening & Heartbreaking

A 7-year-old and her mother have an incredible conversation that ends in tears.

i am cadence

A 7-year-old girl’s conversation with her mother is a fascinating, if heartbreaking, insight into the minds of autistic children and the messages they receive from a misinformed and judgmental society around them.  

“I am Cadence,” a Facebook page dedicated to helping educate people about autism, recently posted the conversation between Cadence and her mother, which began as Cadence asked her mother if having autism made her bad.

Cadence reasoned that, “Grownups always say its hard being mum or dad if your kid is autism and it said on the TV if your autism you hurt people. And kids who are autism have to be put in a [jail] to keep others safe or tied up.”

This perspective coming from a 7-year-old is truly heart-rending, and demonstrates the pressing need to never make autistic children feel unwelcome or different. Children shouldn’t have to feel the way Cadence does, and sharing stories like this are what helps educate the public and eliminate ignorance.

Cadence continues on to write that, “I don’t like hurting people. I don’t like being scared. I would be scared in a [jail] room. I was born autism but that doesn’t mean I was born bad.”

Hopefully her words go a long way in helping illuminate the public about what people with autism experience, and motivating individuals to change their behavior.

Banner Image Credit: Facebook, I am Cadence

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