This Awesome Waitress Had No Time For The Guy Who Harassed Her

Don't mess with this girl! When one man in Russia thought it was okay to touch a woman without her consent, she made him learn his lesson the hard way.

The woman, who clearly did not want this man to be touching her, literally beat the crap out of him after he didn't get the message.

It all was caught on video, too. The man tried to slip money inside the waitress' chest, and after she pushed him off, he thought it might be okay to try to get away with grabbing her butt instead.

Well, let's just say that other men out there who think they can have their way with women, know to stay far away from this one. She will make you never forget it. Unless of course she knocks you out cold, which is what she did to this man.

Watch as the waitress goes over to the guy, probably to ask him if he'd like something to drink, and he reaches towards her chest. She quickly walks away, and he jumps after her to squeeze her butt. That's when she takes the menus she's holding, and beats the man relentlessly over the head. Twice. And, she still walks away as confident as ever.

Other men run to the 'victim's' side, helping him up. And hopefully, asking him how he could ever think of doing anything so stupid.

This girl is awesome and proves to women out there that although men might be physically stronger, girls can be way more powerful.

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