This Bad Lip Reading Of The Republican Primary Debate Is Hysterical

If you thought the original Republican Primary Debate was hilarious (albeit in an unfortunate way) get ready for round two: the bad lip reading edition.

Some would say that the Republican Primary Debate already offered a lot of (admittedly derisive) laughs. Only 2 questions on race for 10 questions on foreign policy? The political stylings of Donald Trump and the Amazing Wig? This one tweet by Herman Cain?

That, friends, is prime entertainment.

But the Internet is nothing if not for its relentless pushing of the envelope.

Enter “Bad Lip Reading,” a popular YouTube channel perhaps best known for skewering recordings of Twilight and NFL broadcasts. It’s latest offering? A devastatingly funny bad lip reading of the 2-15 Republican Primary Debate.

Our takeway?

Rand Paul is not charmed by Chris Christie’s childhood love of potatoes, especially when it leads immediately into accusations of baby-freezing.

gop debate

Donald Trump should never be allowed to name a monument.

Donald Trump  news

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Ben Carson just really wants to do his puzzle, okay?

Bad Lip Reading, Ben Carson

And Ted Cruz is not afraid to do what needs to be done.

Ted Cruz, Bad Lip Reading

Well, those policies are as good as their original ones so, idk.

GOP debate, Bad Lip Reading

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