The Heart-Meltingly Beautiful Video You Should Send To Someone You Love This Second

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Valentine videos and commercials tend to be cheesy. This one is anything but. It’s beautiful.

It will not be an exaggeration to say Schwarzkopf has won the day as far as Valentine’s Day is concerned. Their tagline for the video, “Love Creates Beauty- Not Just on Valentine’s Day” says it all.

You just get so engrossed in the beauty of it that you realize several seconds after the video ends that it was a commercial enticing you to buy their product.

Since that is the job commercial and ad videos are supposed to do; we do not blame them. It’s a job well done.

In terms of Valentines, love and romance; it has all the elements- a man, a woman, flowers, the to-die-for declaration of love and that tingly feeling in your stomach that is a must for occasions like these.

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