No Bones About It: Ever-Changing Skeleton Display Is The Best Halloween Treat

This South Carolina “Skeleton House” is a winner this Halloween season.

There are people who love Halloween and then there are people who love Halloween.

Steve Miller and Tracy Adams’ Fort Mill, South Carolina, home is the talk of the town. It’s dubbed the “Skeleton House” and people come from far and wide to visit.

The attraction is their skeleton display, which changes every day.

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The Baxter skeletons have developed quite a following through social media and word of mouth. Neighbors walk by daily to see what the skeletons are up to, and no surprise here, but it has become a favorite of school children as well.


Amazingly, Steve Miller says the whole thing started accidentally, when he bought two skeletons to decorate the front of their house a year ago. Later, when he and Tracy decided to sit in those chairs one afternoon and moved the skeletons to another part of the porch, the neighbors thought it was done on purpose and enjoyed the new scene a lot. Miller started by changing their position and inventing new scenarios for his bony friends and hence the legend of the Skeleton House began.

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Steve and Tracy are both graphic designers and very creative people. They have yet to run out of ideas:


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Steve says that the people’s reaction, especially children’s enthusiasm, keeps him motivated for ever-more creative skeleton scenes.


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