This Guy Has Perfected The Task Of Putting On His Pants Without Using His Hands

There's more than one way to put on a pair of pants, but you might just get banged up doing it.

No, this is neither a trick video nor magic. The guy definitely put in a considerable amount of effort in perfecting his technique of putting on his pants without using his hands. We’re impressed.

One does wonder though if it was a challenge or just something he decided to do one day while getting bored and twiddling his thumbs?

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If latter is the case; hats off to his determination and flexibility, which left us in complete awe. As one of the commentators on Reddit said, I would quite like to see this as a competitive sport.”

We wouldn’t be that excited about trying out for that but others might. It should be fun to watch.

As one of the sites sharing the instantly viral video rightfully cautioned, “We will point out that this might be dangerous given what appear to be a number of bruises on this guy's legs.”

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