This Guy's Face While Watching An Amazing Peformance Is A Must-See

I wish that I could have one moment of joy and awe as powerful as the one that this guy experienced while watching an audition for a reality show.

Have you ever been wowed by a performance? 

I don't mean impressed, or interested, I mean have you ever had a full-blown amazed reaction to something you were seeing?

It doesn't really matter because, even if you have, you've never been quite as amazed as this guy watching an explosive performance for Australia's Got Talent.

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Many of us probably had on this face during that one scene in The Force Awakens when {redacted} shows up and {no spoilers!} in order to {Joe, seriously you have to stop!!}. 

The gif of this reaction went viral on Wednesday and the internet has already done what it does best: take a great meme and make it even better. 



some more eyes, some right-ear lasereven some glowing snot and ear-fuel particles.


What a wonderful time to be alive. 

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Banner Image:  Cursacstone on Imgur

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