This Is How Uber Wins Its Reputation Back

Sometimes a short conversation can go a very long way.

Ronald Gainer and Kenneth Broskey

When Kenneth Broskey found out he was dying from cancer, he knew that he only had a short time to raise money to support his family after his death.

That's when 69-year old Broskey decided to drive an Uber car to save as much as he could. With potentially only two weeks left to live, it wasn't long before he captured the hearts of his passengers.

One day, Broskey received a call from a young college student, Ronald Gainer. 

During their ride, Broskey talked to Gainer about his situation. This inspired Gainer to help Broskey, even more than just paying for the Uber ride.

Gainer asked one of friends to help set up a GoFundMe for Broskey as well as a fundraiser dinner. In no time, they raised $50,000.

Uber also heard about the story, and they helped raise an extra $5,000. Additionally, the hashtag #UberPartnerKen will donate a $1 every time it's used by Uber riders.

In the meantime, Broskey is still working, but now he can rest a little easier knowing that his daughter and grandkids will be taken care of.

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