You May Never Want To Eat Cheeseburgers After This

August 7, 2014: As if being chewed to pieces wasn't bad enough, cheeseburgers have a whole new problem to face inside our bellies.

We knew the life of a cheeseburger is tough, but had no idea what atrocities our bodies subject it to.

So if you're one of those curious minded food freaks who want to know what happens to a burger when it reaches our stomachs, this video is for you.

Nope, those scientists have not stuck a camera inside a human belly. Instead, they simply left a fresh McDonald's cheeseburger to marinate in hydrochloric acid, which is found in all human stomachs.

Four hours of marinating later, what was formerly known as a cheeseburger had turned into one disgusting goop. It's tough enough to look at it, let alone imagine that it was once deemed edible.


The experiment, conducted by a University of Nottingham researcher, is not a direct attempt to malign McDonald's in anyway, but anti-fast food campaigners are still using it for their benefit.

Anyway, if you want to cut down on your consumption of burgers, watch the video. It has the potential of making you hate the killer combos of buns and patties forever.

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