This Lady Is Married To A Mannequin And Has The Family Photos To Prove It

Happily Ever After? Heintz was relentlessly asked why she wasn’t married yet, especially by her mother.

Ever get tired of your family nagging you about when you’ll be married? Suzanne Heintz felt that way, so she finally went out and got herself a husband. The only catch was that he was completely plastic.

Suzanne Heintz

Her mom would tell her that “Suzy, there’s nobody perfect out there. You just need to PICK somebody, if you’re going to settle down.” She would reply back that “It’s not like I can go out and BUY a family! I can’t just MAKE it happen!” But it turns out a mannequin only costs about $200. A steal!

Heintz is a performance artist, photographer and satirist, so what more perfect way to fulfill the expectations of nosy neighbors while making a powerful statement than to have a plastic family.

In her Huffington Post article, Heintz says that she uses shock and humor to get people to consider her message. “The aim is to get people to reconsider their stubborn allegiance to traditional life expectations.”

Playing House Project by Suzanne Heintz

Her message addresses a broad scope of topics ranging from traditional family issues to women’s rights. “I have more choices and opportunities than any generation of women before me, but our roles have never been more complicated by deeply ingrained mixed messages… For women, the path to fulfillment is not through one thing, it’s through all things: Education, Career, Home, Family, Accomplishment, Enlightenment. If any one of those things is left out, it’s often perceived that there's something wrong with your life.”

She’s using this mannequin family as an art piece to demonstrate the ridiculous notion of the perfect and complete life, while challenging people to reconsider what a fulfilling life looks like. 

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