This Little Girl Helps Rebuild Family With Lemonade Stand

A small idea can go a long way, and this girl never gave up.

Alyssa De La Sala, Lemonade Stand, Fire

When a fire destroyed her family's home two years ago, Alyssa De La Sala stepped up to the plate to help her parents get back on their feet.

To make matters worse, after the fire, constructors never finished re-building Alyssa's house, leaving her parents in a desperate situation to get the family re-settled.

It all started with a lemonade stand-something that most kids just do to have some fun in the summertime.

Little Alyssa, who was saddened not only by the fire, but the looks upon her parents' faces when trying to keep everything together, gave Alyssa all the motivation she needed to help her mom and dad.

Not only that, Alyssa recruited her big brother Damien to help with the cause. The two worked together to sell everyone's favorite summer-y drink and home baked goods, too. Their parents couldn't have been more proud.

So far, the stand, known as the 'Lutz Lemonade Stand', has raised over $15,000 and is still going strong. Thanks to the help of some generous people, including the first responders to the fire, the money will help the family rebuild their home.

Here is the GoFundMe page where you can help the De La Sala family.

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