The World's Fastest Rapper Is White and Wears a Cowboy Hat

May 10, 2014: Next big thing in rap could be a cowboy-hat-wearing Caucasian from Saskatchewan.

Rapping isn't the only business where you have to spit words out of your mouth at the speed of light. Sure, Tupac had mastered the art of unleashing a gazillion bars in a single breath, and yes, Eminem may be the fastest now, but check out this livestock auctioneer's flow too.

His name is Rhett Parks and he works at Whitewood Livestock in Saskatchewan, Canada. The man's mouth is a word machine that comes into action as soon as a domesticated animal is put up for auctioning. The only thing this genius was missing was a beat, but then someone edited that into his performance too.

What resulted is a powerful act that can put any MC to shame. His flow gets so fast, it becomes unintelligible. However, don't be fooled by his speed because his verses not only contain proper meaning, he is also running a major business enterprise with them.

Still, a man with his talents is being wasted at a livestock auction house. He needs to switch careers and become the rap star he is meant to be.

This video is actually the second of a series called Cattlerap by Studiokamp. The first one is also just as entertaining as this. Check that one out here:

KAMP feat. Rick Shoemaker - Cattle Rap from studiokamp on Vimeo.


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