This Man Was Attacked By His Own Apple Watch

Just when you thought it was safe to...wear a watch. Apple has some serious explaining to do after this incident.

The Daily Mail is reporting that an elderly Denmark man has been left with burns on his wrist after his Apple watch began to severely overheat.

Jorgen Mourtizen was out at a flying club meeting when he suddenly felt a searing pain on his wrist.

The smell of burning flesh reached his nostrils and so he looked down and could visibly see the strap of his Apple Watch glowing with heat. 

Mourtizen ripped the watch off as quickly as he could, but he was not quick enough to prevent his wrist being noticeably burned by the malfunctioning device. 

Mourtizen has reached out to Apple for an explanation but as of the time of this writing he has not received any comment from the tech giant. Attempts by the media to contact Apple have also been met with silence. 

"'There was nothing else around that could have heated the strap up other than the watch, but Apple has still not given me any explanation," Mourtizen said in an interview with The Daily Mail. 

There have been other scattered reports of Apple Watches causing damage to other users, and there is an Apple support page that warns that there is a risk of rashes or burns when wearing the device.

Current users of the Apple Watch should remove it immediately should they feel any unusual heat or unfamiliar sensation on their wrist. 

Windows users are more than likely rejoicing over the news. Maybe Apple's long-time rival has yet to release a watch of their own, but at least their fans wrists are free of scars.  

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Banner Image Credit: @MailOnline on Twitter

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