This May Be The Most Inspiring 'Wheel Of Fortune' Ever

The popular game show Wheel of Fortune broke new ground this week.

The popular game show "Wheel of Fortune" has been entertaining Americans with its signature, Hangman-style word puzzles off and on since 1975, but yesterday's episode featured a guest unlike any before seen in the show's 6,000 broadcasts -- Trent Girone, 'Wheel's' first special-needs contestant. The 21-year-old Arizona man, a diehard fan since he was 2 years old, has Asperberger's and Tourette Sydrome and has also survived nine heart surgeries. Girone did well on the show and even had a chance to display his mastery of Wheel trivia via a question posed by host Pat Sajak. Check out a sample of Trent's performance above -- and while you're at it, Pat, give us a T. And an R. And an E.....

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