This Sexist LinkedIn Post Looks Like Something From The 1950's

In an unbelievable display of tone-deaf sexism this web company just posted an ad that you'll wish wasn't real But it is. It is very, distressingly, real.

Some people are being dragged into 2015 kicking and screaming. 

Whether it's a racist attitude, an offensive tweet, or a downright backwards way of thinking, a depressing subset of society is refusing to embrace progress and is instead turning towards the horrifying ideas of yesteryear. 

One such entity is the company Vistra Inet

Vistra Inet is a web design company that recently posted an open Content Writer and SEO Specialist position on LinkedIn. 

The post reads plainly enough and calls for all of the usual skills associated with a content writer, except for the strange request that the applicant be able to speak Russian, which causes one to wonder if the entire company is not just a front for some sort of clandestine spy organization (wake up sheeple!). 

Even more shocking than the companies possible link to the CIA is the last line of the posting. See for yourself: 

That's right. A company in 2015 just specifically requested that those applying for a secretarial  position be female. 

This post is so sexist it should run for president as a Republican.  

Also, as a side note, how the heck did this company go from "Content Editor and SEO Specialist" To "Receptionist." 

Are they just trying to pretend that they aren't trying to hire a receptionist to attract an applicant base with multiple skill sets, or are they trying to not to seem sexist by requesting a secretary?

If the answer is the latter, then there is a certain confusing irony considering how they chose to end their post with such a blatantly sexist coda. 

The bottom line is that there should no longer be any job that is profiled as a "guy job" or a "girl job." More and more men are becoming nurses now and saving lives. Women are breaking new ground in fields that they have been barred from for decades.

The only thing that should matter when someone applies for a job should be their qualifications.

If they've got the chops they should get the shot regardless of how many X -chromosomes they possess. 

Banner Image Credit: Walton LaVonda

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