This Simpsons Upworthy Parody Sounds Mean. So Why Am I Laughing?

If anyone had to show Upworthy at its most obvious and ridiculous, it is the folks in Springfield.

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Some of you may recognize these Simpsons episodes.  Most of you will laugh anyway.  (Screen grab)

Upworthy has a certain...shtick to it that makes it incredibly popular.  It also attracts derision from a lot of people.  For some, it is the gaudy feel-good nature of the site.  Others, the clearly social liberal politics.  Still others, the tactic of using "emotional hooks" as a form of link-baiting, which is a deceptive form of gathering traffic.  So, it takes a certain form of parody or critique to show how ridiculous Upworthy can be.  Leave it to everyone's favorite animated moral compass before 1999, The Simpsons, to do that for us in the form of Upworthy Springfield.

In the case of Upworthy Springfield, it does not take much to make a lot of hay from the Upworthy formula.  With 25 seasons and more than 500 episodes and growing, there is a lot of material to choose from.  A lot of Simpsons plots often have some underlying moral lesson to be taught in some way as well, which caters to the feel-good attitude and those social politics that really gets some liberals going.

Now, all you need are the kinds of catchy emotional hook headlines that work, and you have yourselves a beautiful parody of the Upworthy model.  The writer, Virgil Texas, has got enough of a knack for writing these headlines that they could probably be hired by Upworthy themselves to do their headline writing, which can be a good or terrible thing, depending on your views of the site.

Feel free to use this site to make fun of your friends that post Upworthy links all the time.  It is great, funny, and most importantly, it will likely fool your Upworthy friends into thinking they are clicking on something legitimate and will somehow hit them in the "feels," whatever that word means.  That makes the joke more rewarding.

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