This Stylist Gives Haircuts Using Samurai Swords And Blow Torches

Alberto Olmedo, a hairdresser from Madrid, Spain uses dangerous, medieval weapons to cut and style clients' hair.

Here’s something you don’t see every day … Alberto Olmedo, a hairdresser in Madrid, Spain, cuts hair using the most unconventional of tools — Samurai swords and blow torches!

A video of Olmedo’s skills was posted to Facebook by AJ+ last week, and has since stirred a major buzz surrounding his unusual craft.

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Although the process looks terrifying, the ending results appear flawless.

Olmedo told the Spanish news service, El Pais, that conventional haircutting often leaves the sides at varying lengths but his method cuts evenly, “The only way to do it in an exact mathematical way is to cut both sides simultaneously,” he said.

In the video, he refers to his style of cutting hair as “medieval.”

Olmedo reportedly started using swords to cut hair while “looking for a way of doing layers, but not so staggered and abrupt.”

He’s also reportedly taught his entire staff and his own wife how to use the swords on hair and they each have their own set.

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Not everyone is totally receptive to the idea of using such dangerous weaponry on their hair. 

Sword and Fire Hair Cutting Video

Cutting Hair With Swords And Fire

Alberto Olmedo hair dressing

Others commended Olmedo, not so much for the accuracy or beauty of the hairstyles but for his masterful handling of the scary weapons! 

Alberto Olmedo hairdressing

hair dressing


You be the judge, check out Olmedo's "medieval" haircutting techniques in action in the video below!

Cutting Hair with Swords

Ditch the scissors and get your hair cut with swords by the real-life Edward Scissorhands.

Posted by AJ+ on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @beautynewsindia 

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