This Woman Found Her Doppelganger On The Internet

You've probably heard that there are 7 people in the world who look exactly like you, and figured it was an old wives' tale. Well, get ready to believe.


Amanda Fisher was just a regular 23-year-old living in Frisco, Texas. Sure, every once in a while someone would say that she bore a resemblance to Katy Perry or Zooey Deschanel, but Fisher herself never bothered to much about it. Like most of us, she felt that, when it came down to the details, there wasn’t really anyone else in the world, celebrity or otherwise, that looked like her.

Zooey Deschanel

That all changed when a friend of Fisher’s stumbled across an Instagram account of a girl who looked uncannily like Fisher.

Fisher shrugged, figuring that her friend was exaggerating the similarity. Then she saw the pictures for herself: the resemblance was staggering.


Lazy day feat. bed head.

A photo posted by @mere_dith on

It was especially striking how much the two women looked like long-lost twins back when Fisher herself had lighter hair.

Fisher knew she had to get in touch with her doppelganger. And because social media had brought her twin stranger to her attention, she turned to it again in an attempt to track her double down.

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They found her in Instagram but it doesn't seem like she uses it very much. I have a feeling she uses imgur judging by the pictures she has posted. I'm hoping she will see this so she can be just as weirded out as me!FP Edit: In response to all the messages, yes I will update everyone if I find her! Also, I'm cracking up because half of you say "Both of these pictures are you" and the other half says "You look nothing alike". Thanks for the updoots in hopes of finding her. I'm hoping she didn't cease to exist after I saw her.FP Edit #2: A lovely Imgurian knows her and sent me her FB page, waiting on a response...

“I just thought it would be nifty to talk to her and to see what she thought about the whole thing. It’s not every day you get to talk to someone who wakes up with almost the same face as you every day.”

And because the Internet is basically magic, it didn’t take too long to track the other woman down. Twenty-two-year-old Meredith Pond of Indiana suddenly discovered that she had a “twin.”

But what really shocked Fisher was the extent to which Pond resembled her own mother.

twin stranger

If Fisher and Pond (see? Even their names are linked!) ever had any doubt that they had a doppelganger or seven out there in the world, they have none now.

So what about you? Are you ready to find your twin stranger?

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