This 60-Second Video Will Change How You Think

You don’t need to have a big fortune to be able to help people. All you need is a big heart.

While this video might just be a minute long, it will leave you with a lifelong impact. Made by YouTube user Sam Pepper as a social experiment, this video truly is an eye-opener.

Pretending to be poor and hungry, Sam went looking for some charity and after several rebuffs from visibly able people, he found it from the most unexpected of sources.

The video shows Sam walking up to several people in a pizza shop, telling them he was hungry and asking if he could have a slice of their pie. They all refused.

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It’s amazing to see how one after another all the people who could have shared their food or bought some for him kept refusing him.

In the second shot, just to check how things go, Sam got two of his friends to give a homeless man two slices of pizza. He then walked up to him and asked him if he could borrow a slice of pizza.

The homeless man’s reaction would have you believing in humanity again.

Fortunately despite all the selfishness in the world, charity and selflessness hasn’t died away. It’s still alive.

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