Now That It’s Legal, 3 Grandmothers Get High Together For The First Time

Three grannies hit the bong, then play Cards Against Humanity. You'll never laugh harder, trust us.

Grandmothers make you think of sugar and spice and everything nice – certainly not of bongs and weed. But since Washington recently legalized marijuana, this social experiment of sorts shows us what it’s like for three grandmothers to get high for the first time.

Watch as three lovely ladies enjoy the effects of the now-legal substance. It’s adorable how it affects them. They decided to play Jenga, which turned out to be a complete failure, followed by a round of Cards Against Humanity.

Finally, they succumbed to their hunger pangs by indulging in a bag of Doritos and some cookies. They said they’d gladly do it again – watch the video to see it all.

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