Three Strangers Create The Most Awesome Jam Session Ever

“This truly is music in its simplest form.” Random strangers join one another in an impromptu jam session outside a shop.

You will definitely feel better about being a part of this world after watching this video.

It all began with a guitarist who was performing all by himself sitting on the sidewalk with his back to a grocery store in Dallas. He was joined by two other men who began to jam along.

The accidental trio created what is now being termed as “beautiful music in its simplest form”.

The three men sang together for about two minutes after which one of them – the third entrant – went inside the store.

"I appreciate that," he said while leaving his two temporary companions.

Little did they know that they would become internet superstars in the following week.

An onlooker named Jaime Tatos Maldonado recorded the entire impromptu session on his phone and posted it on his Facebook page May 10 from where it went viral.

As the video started to receive millions of hits on YouTube, the members tried to reach out to each other online.

The guitarist – Jesse Rya – posted the following statement o his Facebook page:


"You would be surprised how much music flows in the streets of (Dallas Fort Worth). Some people recorded me jammin, while some other people felt the vibes. Then s--t got real!"


Watch their incredible and spontaneous performance in the video above.

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