#ThxBirthControl Explodes On Twitter

The Twitter hashtag trended worldwide. Twitter was taken by storm on Wednesday as the 2nd annual "Thanks, Birth Control Day!" was observed.

#ThxBirthControl began trending with women from all over the world chiming in. 

Bedsider, a free birth control support network for women, started the campaign to encourage birth control users to find the kind that works best for them in an effort to help more people get covered. 

From the The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy website: 

What's the point? Well...birth control matters: The ability to plan, prevent, and space pregnancies is directly linked to benefits to women, men, children, and society, including more educational and economic opportunities, healthier babies, more stable families, and reduced taxpayer burden... It’s a normal part of life and should not be a taboo topic or the subject of political posturing. 

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