'TipBombing,' New NYC Craze, Blindsides Musicians. You'll Want To See This.

A great, feel-good project in New York thanks street musicians with a huge tip.

Street musicians are pretty much in it for the love of music. Let's face it, no one is swimming in cash from strumming a guitar on a subway platform. 

Until they're TipBombed.

TipBombing rewards the passionate troubadours and songstresses who entertain us every day for little reward besides getting to play their music. 

The concept is simple and simply awesome:

TipBombing is "a cultural movement to celebrate the greatest free metropolitan soundtrack ever: NYC street musicians. Simply put it’s about grabbing your friends, bringing a dollar (that we’ll provide) and surprising a NYC artist with the biggest, loudest crowd they’ve ever played for."

Even better, the musicians think they're being filmed for a documentary, so they expect the cameras -- just not the influx of cash and a crowd of appreciative listeners. 

Robert Leslie became the very first TipBombee; he's clearly overwhelmed as he rakes in hundreds of dollars and obliges encore requests. 

The TipBombing crew isn't done yet. The second TipBomb is planned for July 30 in Times Square and everyone's invited. Who will the lucky musician be? 

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