Revealed: The Perfect ‘Recipe’ For A Viral Video


Viral videos are all over the internet. They pop up in our newsfeeds, show up on the websites we visit and swarm out Twitter feeds.

This video highlights the ingredients needed to create an overnight internet sensation. It features Tobuscus and Tim Tim.

A young Tim Tim is racking his brains to create the perfect viral video when Tobuscus breaks in and reveals the perfect ‘recipe’..

It includes “picking a topic people talk about on social media, make a catchy chorus, add cats, laughing babies, people falling, hot ladies, sleepy puppies, kittens and more hot ladies.

But that’s just a part of it. He offers advice on other technicalities that will help little Tim Tim, and anyone else for that matter, create an internet sensation.

Though his suggestions sound whacky, they seem to work on the internet.

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