Tom Brady Stars In This Hideous Sketch Seen 'Round The World

Tom Brady has made headlines today not for deflating any balls, but for the deflated looking face a courtroom sketch artist drew in his image.

A courtroom sketch artist was not too kind in her portrayal of New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady  during a federal court hearing in Manhattan related to his lawsuit against the league for his four-game suspension during the Deflategate scandal

The artist decided to let her creative juices flow as she drew a less than flattering depiction of Brady in her sketch.

Jane Rosenberg, the New York-based artist responsible for the drawing, has done courtroom sketches before and has original paintings displayed in museums and galleries all over the U.S., but this particular masterpiece does not reflect her best work.

“Tell Tom Brady I’m sorry,” said Rosenberg. “He’s a very good-looking man. I apologize. If I had more time, I would have made him more handsome.”

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Needless to say, once the internet got ahold of the image social media didn't waste any time with the hysterical jokes, comparing the sketch to everything except Brady’s actual likeness. 


?????? Had to #repost from Twitter @iamHectorDiaz #Lmao #tombrady #deflategate #courtroomsketch #NFL #sbnation

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Anyone else see Luke from #buffythevampireslayer in the #TomBrady courtroom photo?

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???? that courtroom sketch tho #TomBrady #DeflateGate

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Tom Brady is a work of art. #tombrady

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