10 Profound Tom Hardy Quotes From MySpace To Help You Win At Life

These gems of wisdom will transform your life. If you've been online lately, you must surely know that Tom Hardy’s old MySpace page has taken the world by storm.

The British actor, one of the finest of his generation, apparently used to be an avid social media user. From taking selfies of food to posing with guns, Hardy did it all.

He had quite an interesting MySpace bio.

Tom Hardy

As well as an equally amusing “About Me” section one part of which states:

“I am often afraid. So I have to share. I want to help, it’s not my business to judge, I make mistakes, I stand corrected, I accept casualties and walk with hope because I f***ing LOVE. I could so easily be dead.”

While almost the entire thing is hilarious, here are some of his MySpace quotes you can use as motivational posters whenever you’re feeling down:

If you sucks, you suck

tom hardy myspace

Tom Hardy's Old MySpace Photos Are Pure Internet Gold

Tom Hardy's embarrassing old MySpace photos discovered

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy's old Myspace is hilariously douchey

Tom Hardy's MySpace Profile

Tom Hardy's Old Myspace

Tom Hardy's MySpace

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