Top 10 Viral Videos of 2013

Eat your heart out "Charlie Bit My Finger!" 2013 brought in some great viral videos, varying in genre. Viewers got to see a few of them featured in the 2013 YouTube Rewind, but did a few classics get left out?

Eat your heart out "Charlie Bit My Finger!" 2013 brought in some great viral videos, varying in genre. Viewers got to see a few of them featured in the 2013 YouTube Rewind, but did a few classics get left out?

Here’s our top ten viral videos of 2013:

10.Harlem Shake- Army

“Harlem Shake” videos really caught on this year (maybe a little too much). But this one really stood out, featuring an entire army squad partaking in the ridiculous antics. 

Why it went viral?

In addition to capitalizing on the popularity of Harlem shake videos, this features an unexpected context. Often times, armed forces get associated with stringent regulations, behavior, and by extension, personalities. This video inadvertently portrayed the human side of armed forces, even if it was in a strange manner.

9.    Invisible Driver Prank

This guy cleverly conceals himself behind a fake seat layer that covers his body and head completely. He then goes through fast food drive thru’s and records their hilarious reactions to the apparent lack of driver.

Why it went viral?

The draw lies in its simplicity. Because the prank is so simple and so easily replicated, it is evident that the reactions are genuine. So many prank videos on YouTube seem fake or engineered, but this one has an honest humor to it that cannot be denied.

8.    Rage Quit Simulator 2013

What kind of list would this be without a little bit of Rooster Teeth content (answer: an incomplete one)? The video features Dr. Michael Jones and Dr. Gavin Free as they move through several operations in the frustrating Surgeon Simulator 2013.

Why it went viral?

While it may not have picked up as much steam as some other viral videos on YouTube, Michael and Gavin’s unique comedic timing and lack of virtual dexterity are worth the visit.

7.    2013 Halloween Candy Prank

Every year, Jimmy Kimmel has his fans that are parents go to their children on November 1st and tell their children that they ate their Halloween candy. These are there reactions this year.

Why it went viral?

This certainly isn’t a new thing, as it has been done for the last few years. While they have gone viral in the past, the tradition is becoming more well-known and anticipated. Combine this with the fact that these kids continue to have newer, funnier reactions (except the polite girl who cried—those monsters), and it’s no surprise that this continues to gain popularity.

6.    Epic Rap Battle: Mozart vs. Shrillex

Epic Rap Battles are definitely not a new sensation to YouTube, but Mozart vs. Shrillex deserves some extra attention. Featuring a parodied version of Mozart and Shrillex, the video provides an entertaining rap battle between the two individuals with well-timed pointedness.

Why it went viral?

Not only do both parodied artists having huge fan followings, but the music was both impressive and clever, raising the bar for all Epic Rap Battles in the future (although let’s be honest, Mozart totally won).

5.    Telekinetic Coffee Shop Prank

A coffee shop gets rigged to provide the illusion that an upset customer has telekinetic powers. Customers stare in shock as tables move, books fly off the shelves, and much more.

Why it went viral?

In addition to the fact that scaring the poop out of people is just plain funny, this one smartly capitalized on the Carrie hype a bit. Plus, while it is clear that many people in the crowd were in on it, some of the more genuine reactions are priceless.

4.    The NFL: Bad Lip Reading

BadLipReading takes on the NFL in this video, providing some funny voiceover work for the athletes.

Why it went viral?

The video had a large fan base to pull from. Not only did it bring in YouTube users, but it also attracted NFL fans. Also, while football fans may have gotten a kick out of seeing the players they know voiced over with ridiculous dialogue, its humor wasn’t limited to this fan following, providing laughs for everyone.

3.    BatDad

A man goes around talking to and disciplining his children using the persona of Batman (or in this case, BatDad). Through his antics, we get to see some comedic reactions from his family as they deal with his unique approach to parenting.

Why it went viral?

Regardless of whether or not you like Batman, you’ll love BatDad and his unique approach to parenting. Although he himself is only mildly amusing, the reactions that he gets from both his kids and his wife are utterly priceless. Combine this with the popularity that Batman has had in recent years, and you have a perfect recipe for a viral video.

2.    Dove Real Beauty

Dove brought in a trained sketch artist and put him behind a curtain. Several women were then brought in to the other side of the curtain and asked to describe how they looked. As they did so, the artist would draw the described traits, translating their descriptions into a portrait. After this, they then brought in another person to describe what the last one had looked like. The results were unbelievable. 

Why it went viral?

This one really hit home for a lot of people. Personal identity and self-worth are a HUGE issue today, and this video did well at portraying how this is present in women. It also served to demonstrate that we are far too critical and self-conscious, and need to learn to recognize and appreciate all of the good traits we possess.  

1.    What Does the Fox Say?

Released September 3, 2013, this one is officially the most viral video of 2013, gaining over 290 million views as of December 18, 2013. Featuring dancers dressed as a variety of animals, the electric dance pop music plays in the background as the animals engage in some great synchronized dancing.

Why it went viral?

In addition to having some surprisingly catchy lyrics, the song provides an entertaining spin on pop music that somehow works well for it. Not to mention the fact that it asks a very important question: what does the fox say?

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