Top Five Best Out-Of-Nowhere Sports Moments

Start your weekend off right with five out of nowhere moments of sports perfection. Who needs pros when you have serendipity?

So, in honor of the amazing backwards shot kid (see below), we decided to look back at some of the amazing out of nowhere sports feats by youth who have an unexpected talent to share. All of these are below the pro level, because who says the pros are the only ones who can taste perfection.

First, the inspiration for this, and, incidentally, my new hero:

This next one is definitely a buzzer beater. What's less clear is if it won the game or if it was just the most exciting thing to happen to the team. Either way, the celebration after is as ridiculous as the shot:

It's always appreciated when someone makes a beer run at a ballgame, but can you catch a foul ball on your way back without spilling? Well can you?

Alright, bear with me here, this is a hockey one. Stick around for the replay, because there is no way you will see this coming the first time:

But for my money, nobody, and I mean nobody, beats the minor league ball girl.

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