A building that will change its shape every minute?

Dubai is to see the rise of a rotating tower which will have the ability to change its shape continually. We are in a search for other crazy architectural designs out there. See what we came across.

Called The Dynamic Tower or the Da Vinci Tower, Dubai is to see the rise of the world’s first rotating building, a US$ 700 million that will stand 80-storey high. With each floor rotating a full 360 degrees every 90 minutes, thesky scraper will be able to change its shape continuously. Sounds crazy enough? 90% of the building will apparently be put together in a factory and shipped to the construction site.

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This urged us dive into the quest of other crazy architectural designs out there. What we came across were both freaky sky scrapers out there and mad houses that people have dreamed up. Here are our top ten crazy architectural designs (and trust us when we say, we had a hard time short-listing):

10. Swimming in your balcony

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The proposed Mumbai tower, called the Aquaria Garden Residential, plans to replace balconies with swimming pools.

9. This is even more “twisted”

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The Swedish HSB Turning Torso boasts of being the tallest building in the Nordic region. A private, residential building, we wonder what the residents feel about living in such a “twisted” structure of the world. 

8. The museum of tea culture in China

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The Meitan museum, or the museum of tea culture in China, happens to be the largest teapot structure in the world.

7. And some people like their tea with milk…

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Hood dairy operators saved the abandoned old building on Route 44 in Taunton, Massachusetts, and donated it to the Boston Children’s Museum which now serves as a snack and ice-cream bar.

6. Most children have read about Jack in the beanstalk…

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These super slim 350 meter high sky scrapers have many neat features including outdoor theatre, observatory and sky park. It’s the very interesting four hanging gardens along the height of the building that remind us of Jack in the beanstalk.

5. And then randomly comes the shoe…

wow architectures

This hotelier’s wife wanted a shoe and he made this structure instead. Not sure if every wife would want that, but the South African Shoe house is still a very fun structure to notice. Built in 1990, it now serves as a museum and guest house. Sounds like a romantic spot for some cheesy couples?

4. Romantic? Yes, this music building is!

wow architectures

The locals in Huainan have dubbed this “the most romantic building in China.” This unique building, a popular tourist spot, is the China’s Piano House.

3. Speaking of crazy designs, how about a car now?

wow architectures

This crazy car-shaped structure in Austria is surprisingly eco-friendly too. It houses a “3-liter” energy efficient heating system and the insulated walls help save energy consumption drastically. Wonder what the neighbors feel about such a huge car parked in their neighborhood.

 2. Is this building going to fall on my head?

wow architectures

It’s probably okay to have a huge car parked next to your house when you know someone has to go through panicking when looking up at this building! The Nhow hotel in Berlin, from a certain angle, appears as though it is breaking off and falling on your head! 

1.    And watch what this does to your head

wow architectures

This is not photo-shopped or an optical illusion. This really is a hotel building at George V Avenue in Paris, France. It gives this melting imagery by using a particular art technique on the façade of building.

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