Hoaxes That Fooled The Internet In 2015

Did you fall for these scams or were you one of the very few who were able to see through the lies and deceptions that abound on the World Wide Web?

Gullibility might be the most common trait among  the Internet's many diverse users.

Despite the well-known fact that not everything you see on the Internet is true, netizens continue to fall prey to weird — and often dim-witted  hoaxes.

For instance, for the better part of the year, many people in Texas believed that Obama administration was planning a military takeover in the Lone Star state. Obviously, nothing of the sort happened, but it goes to show that people are willing to believe anything that has over a few hundred shares and a thousand retweets.

From the weird Satanist guy who wanted his “lord and savior to gaze upon” him, to the Aussie who fooled millions of people with a picture of a fake passport, here is a roundup of the most memorable hoaxes that went viral in 2015.

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