Toronto's Creative Way Of Fighting Its Litterbugs

Despite Rob Ford, the city of Toronto's admin is pretty cool and creative.

Littering is a major problem for most cosmopolitan cities, and Canadian city of Toronto is no different. With an estimated population of almost 3 million, the Queen City's administration struggles to cope with the improper disposal of waste products by its residents.

Since the regular cautions won't work, the city's LiveGreen unit has come up with a creative new way to shame those who throw their food wrappers and drink cans on the streets. By combining selective wordings from different wrappers, the ad campaign spells out insults aimed at litterers.

This creative way of embarrassing litterbugs has “littering says a lot about you” as its tag line, and these are some of its best posters:

Littering is considered a harmless offence by most people, but its impact on the environment, wildlife and overall quality of human life is immense. Just so you know, it costs the United States of America $11 billion annually to clean up the mess we carelessly spread all over the country.

These billions could be spent in so many more productive ways if people develop a simple habit of recycling their waste the right way.

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