Watch The Moment When TransAsia Plane Crashed Into A River

This is not a scene out of a Hollywood movie. It happened for real!

 #TransAsia Airways flight #GE235 crashed

This here is the raw dashcam footage of a small TransAsia airplane that crashed into a Taipei river on Wednesday morning, killing at least nine and injuring many of the 58 people on board.

According to Reuters, the ill-fated flight GE 235 of the ATR-72 turboprop had only just taken off from Taipei's Songshan Airport and was headed to the islands of Kinmen when the accident took place.

According to the local civil aeronautics officials, 16 people have been rescued while efforts to pull others out of the water are underway.

The plane crash was caught on tape, thanks to a passing by car's dashboard camera. It almost looks unreal, and might remind you of things we see in Hollywood movies.

Here is another angle:

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