Beware: Megatron Can't Stand Your Selfies

A robot telling a human how fickle their generation is- fancy that!

The video shows Megatron (an actor in the getup) lashing out at a girl trying to take a selfie with him. It’s a lashing many of us have raging in us but never really got out.

And he gives some much needed advice of a lifetime for this generation.  “It doesn’t matter which social network you post it on,” Megatron says. “Use your mind. Create new memories. Interact,” growls the character.

How many times have we thought but never uttered the words, “you will not receive a selfie so long as you stand before me…!”

Or, “ugh, how disappointing your generation is.”

We may often be restricted by politeness or social pressures, but luckily Megatron has no such constraints to worry about!

Viva la Megatron!

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